All doors open; more men should! A trilogy of novels dealing with the way 'real blokes' manage in the wake of the sudden death of one of their oldest friends.


£5 from every sale of the paperback will go to charities helping fight against suicide and depression.

Male suicide and mental health issues are still treated as taboo to an extent; humour is one of the ways we deal with them, and therefore should be one of the ways we combat them as well.

Nine Doors opens with the funeral of a character (Foz), and the arrival at the crematorium of his nine closest friends from his youth. Having missed the service, and other commitments preventing them from 'having a proper send-off' in the pub, being banned from the wake, they decide to have a get-together on their old stomping ground from when they were teenagers.

From the ridiculous decision to dress as they had in the nineties, and to drink the same cheap products they used to ask adults to buy for them, to the constant jibes and cutting comments, things start off as intended. However, an altercation with the current teenage generation, too much alcohol and a desire to say goodbye 'properly' instigates a childish series of pranks that have wild and often dramatic outcomes.

Eight Doors opens a week after the events of Nine Doors, with the victim of the crime at the end of the first novel still unknown. As it is revealed that another member of the group has passed away, the friends race to the funeral.

With the same humour and camaraderie as the original, Eight Doors delves deeper into the characters’ feelings about grief, mental health and suicide, not always agreeing or fully understanding each others’ views. The men realise that they have all struggled in different ways, and begin to discover how to cope and support one another better.

While dealing with these issues, parenthood and domestic violence creep into view, and they find themselves back on their old stomping ground, making more ridiculously stupid decisions.

Open Doors will be available October 31st 2021.

All of the characters' names and appearances are based on real people, because over the last 2 years we have lost two of our real life group of childhood friends. The novel deals with loss in a real, sarcastic, profane and often moving way - as men we tend to try and make light of the most serious situations, and sometimes struggle to just say we are upset.

The Do9rs trilogy will make you laugh, feel nostalgic, and hopefully make even just one person think 'I'll arrange a catch-up with the lads/lasses'. How important people are to each other, even when they don't keep in touch enough, can make a difference.



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